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Normally I am never excited for a Monday. But this past Monday, I was clicking my heels together in the air because I knew once I got off work, I would enjoy a vegan meal with a glass of wine while playing catch up with Kate!

So I know I invited you out this coming weekend. With the Giants game coming up, I know many people are flying from different cities and have nothing to do on a Thursday night. I can fix that for you. 

I always envisioned my closet filled to the brim with wearable art.  Art that is one of a kind, elegant and tailored with a touch of glamour.

So I wanted to invite you out next week with me.  No, not a night out on the town, something far more exciting and memorable.

It shouldn't be this much of a challenge to dress for fall.  But if you are experience major heat like San Jose, looking fallish while managing not to have a hot flash can get a little tricky.

I get excited for the little things, mom jeans, basic tanks and being jewelry free on warms days like today in San Jose.