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I couldn't sleep last night, so I ditched dreaming about fashion and jumped on my computer at three in the morning and created a wish list of sexy boots for fall and winter.

I couldn't wait for labor day to ditch my white for black. Although I love wearing winter whites, I hate neglecting my dark tone tops and bottoms that have been patiently waiting in my closet.

When starting my strict meal plan that eliminated grains and dairy, I literally was in a cold sweat when realizing that my love for pastries and carbs were officially out the window for a couple of months.
Surprise, love and enjoy. Those three words summed up my excitement when I received my gifted box from PopSugar a couple of days ago.

I paid a visit in Oakland and swung by Jack London Square to catch a matinee movie and boy was I struggling on what to wear for mid-day date.

I am apart of a giveaway put on by Maru from Fashiony Fab to celebrate her birthday and one year blog anniversary! Click below for the details!