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 Women in menswear is a head turner than someone revealing my eyes.  A strong blazer, crisp button up and an I don't give a **** attitude is just, well, plain sexy!

Last week I went to downtown San Jose to catch up with my blogger friends at B2 coffee in San Pedro Square Market.
 For the past couple of days my ass has not checked into the gym.  I surrender with my hands up.  I have made lame excuses as to why I can't attend ujam or why it is okay to cheat with sweets and bread.
"French finger tips, red lips"....okay, done with the Britney Spears quotes (quoting lace & leather).  I am not much of a pink or lace person.  But I found something that works for me when coming across this DVF top (Similar one HERE).
Last time you saw me in these wool pants I had a slightly different look
You probably thought I was going back to my old uniform of black, gray and white for 2015. Yes and no. 
 Temporarily ditching my gem tones for earth tones and my slouchy cardigans for long structured blazers to start off 2015.

Amazing how in such a short time span one can gain weight.  The baffling thing, how long it takes to truly keep it off.  Why can't it be reversed?