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 When winter makes its debut, so do my scarves.  This past week I was invited to a challenge by my Poshmark colleagues and our item of choice...blanket scarves!

Monday. Hated by most, loved by few.  I can honestly say that Monday is not my favorite or least favorite day of the week and here's why. 
Giddy, anxious and so relieved that the down pour will be arriving soon! But, am I the only one who stares into their closet trying to figure out what to wear in the rain?
 I was in the East Bay this weekend and caught up with my friend Kwame who (as always) looked put together effortlessly.

Shopping for holiday gifts shouldn't feel like a chore.  When shopping for my loved ones, I typically shop for things that I would love to receive while keeping their taste in mind.

When creating an outfit for the day, adding that finishing touch that is personal and memorable lies in my signature fragrance. 
I feel that between the month of November and January, time flies faster than normal.  During the holidays I make the extra effort to go out and spend time with my loved ones no matter what...even if I am slightly under the weather.
Is it too early to start breaking out the Christmas lights and decorations? I was going to wait until tomorrow to share something a bit personal with you all, but what the hell....enjoy our visual Christmas card!