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Always in awe at how the time passes by too quickly.  As I bid adieu to September, I wanted to share with you PopSugar's Must Have September Box.

If you are wearing your fall wardrobe like me, but find yourself sweating bullets at the end of the day, I am going to let you in on how I cheated the weather system.

It is no where near the weekend, but that does not obstruct my mental fashion board that tends to generate when I am anxious for a ladies night. 

If I could describe this outfit in one word can girly-floral-prep count?  This outfit was my grand finale of ending summer officially (despite the warm weather in the Bay) with a bang.

Before Macklemore came out with his hit "Thrift Shop" I was hitting the second hand store racks and boy was I hitting them hard.

It can be 2PM, if I did not consume an omelette or a pancake, you better believe lunch is on hold for my favorite meal of the day....breakfast.