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 Every year after Thanksgiving, my family and I always plan a trip up to Arrowheads Farm to hunt for our Christmas Tree.
 It's the one thing that everyone remembers me hair.  I feel that some days my hair likes to work against me and on special occasions, it will look divine when I have nowhere to go.

I unfortunately got sick for my birthday yesterday.  But since I was feeling a tad better today, I decided to grab brunch at Flames with a friend and take a peak in Anthropologie and H&M since Santana Row was a hop skip away.

My birthday is coming up this Saturday and as I sit on my bed with my laptop on my lap staring off towards my closet, picturing what to wear has become the most difficult (sadly) thing to think of.
Congratulations to my dear friend Kate! Her blog is turning four this month and to celebrate, a group of bloggers wanted to give back to our readers.

Last Monday, I found myself wandering along a cliffside overlooking the beach in beautiful Half Moon Bay with my very dear friend Kate from Clear the way.